Altitude Mask

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Our size recommendation

You can easily find the right size via your body weight:

  • up to 70Kg: Small
  • 70 - 100kg: Medium
  • from 100kg: Large

The Altitude Mask is a revolutionary, innovative training device that takes your fitness and overall performance in sports to the next level.

  • Train your respiratory muscles and increase your athletic performance.
  • Change resistance levels during training without removing the mask
  • Ergonomic sleeve provides a comfortable grip and prevents slipping
  • Premium materials, such as medical silicone and resistant nylon
  • Customize your training mask with interchangeable covers and sleeves
  • Easy to dismantle and clean 

How does the Altitude Mask work?

It trains a muscle group that you need in every sport: your respiratory muscles.
The Altitude Mask makes it harder for you to breathe. This means that your body needs to get more exhausting air into your lungs and your respiratory muscles are trained. A stronger respiratory musculature increases your performance during training or competition if you no longer wear the mask. This will make you stronger, fitter and faster in your sport!


Advantages of the Altitude Mask

  • Train your respiratory muscles
  • Use more lung volume
  • Improve your stamina and condition
  • Bend premature exhaustion before
  • Lower your pulse
  • Improve your fitness

For whom is the Altitude Mask suitable?

The Altitude Mask offers 6 levels, from beginner to extreme, so you can slowly grope your way up and increase your performance. So every athlete can train with the Altitude Mask. From hobby athletes to professionals.

The Altitude Mask is suitable for all sports and training methods. No matter if basic endurance or HIIT training.